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Thursday, February 27

World History:

  • Warm Up #3: Did You Know? Clip
  • PPT:  Industrial Revolution Changes Society
  • Child Labor Then & Now – Pictures, Statistics & Document Analysis
  • REMINDER:  Quiz next WED on IR & Econ Systems


  • Warm Up:  Ethnocentric Reactions
  • PPT:  Culture Part 3 – Cultural Variation
  • Primetime:  The Outsiders – the Amish
  • REMINDER:  Debates tomorrow!  Vocab Quiz on Mon!

Wednesday, February 26

World History:

  • Warm Up #2:  Most Significant Invention?
  • PPT:  Industrial Revolution – Part 1
  • Atlas Activity:  Industrialization Spreads
  • REMINDER:  Quiz next Wed on IR & Economic Systems


  • Finish Components of Culture
  • Nacirema/American Values
  • Introduce Norm Violation Activity – Get Approval!
  • REMINDER:  Vocab Quiz #3 on Mon (#1-25)

Tuesday, February 25

World History:

  • Warm Up #1:  What do you already know about the Industrial Revolution?
  • Beginnings of Industrialization Questions/Chart


  • Culture PPT:  Part 2 – Components of Culture
  • REMINDER:  Debates #1 & #2 on Friday!

Monday, February 24

World History:
Collect Study Guides/Packets

Unit 5B Test – Age of Revolutions

Cultural Exchange Simulation & Reflection Questions

Friday, February 21

World History:

  • Warm Up #8:  Comparing Revolutions
  • Review Game!
  • HW:  Study Guide/Study! Test on Monday!


  • Yearbook Recap/Discussion
  • PPT:  Culture Part 1 – What is Culture?
  • Nacirema Reading & Questions


Thursday, February 20

World History:

  • Warm Up #7 – Discussion of  the acronym THINK
  • Comparing Revolutions Chart
  • HW:  Complete Revolutions Chart
  • REMINDER:  Revolutions Test on Mon! Study Sessions tomorrow @ 7:45am & 3:40pm (room 4306)


  • Historical Analysis of Culture – MHS Yearbooks
  • HW:  Complete analysis
  • REMINDER:  Check out REVISED debate schedule under Downloads!

Wednesday, February 19

World History:

  • Warm Up #6 – Radical Republic Changes
  • PPT:  Phase 4 – Napoleon’s Road to Ruin
  • Napoleon Play – Hero or Villain?
  • Answer Play Questions/Finish Atlas Activity
  • REMINDER:  Test on MON 2/24


  • Media Center – Historical Analysis of Culture through MHS Yearbooks

Tuesday, February 18

Welcome Back!!

World History:

  • Collect/Share Projects
  • PPT:  Phase 4 – Napoleon (through Empire)
  • Napoleon Atlas Activity
  • HW:  Work on Study Guide
  • REMINDER:  Unit TEST is Mon 2/24 (Study Sessions Fri 7:45am & 3:40pm)


  • Introduction to Culture:  What’s in a Name?
  • Articles/Discussion
  • REMINDER:  Debates #1 and #2 on Friday!! – Be prepared!

Happy Valentine’s Day!


I love sociology

Snow/Ice Days: February 11-13


Hope you got to have some fun today in the snow!

World History Students:  Here are 3 things you can be doing during these days off:

  1. Your Revolutions Project – It’s STILL due on TUES, 2/18! Questions? Send me an email.
  2. Your Study Guide (see downloads) – Remember, it’s worth 5 bonus points on your test!
  3. Your French Revolution Timeline (see downloads) – This is ONLY for bonus points on your packet. Plus, it will help you review the order of events in the French Revolution, which will be VERY helpful on your next test!

P.S. Leave me a comment on this page about what you did today, and I’ll give you a bonus point on your project!

Sociology Students: Here are 3 things you can be doing if you get bored during these days off 🙂

  1. Research for your debate
  2. Check out these links for Vintage Valentines – and more Vintage Valentines:  What do they say about how our culture has changed over time?
  3. Check out this Sociology Blog – One of my favorites!!

P.S. Leave me a comment on this page about either the Vintage Valentines or the Sociology Blog and I’ll give you a bonus point on the test you just took!